Revealingly about everything that happened in the early hours of Thursday, August 3 and led to the serious injury of 29-year-old Nikos who received a bullet in the head, are the two video documents published by Cretalive.

The video material that is seeing the light of day fully confirms Cretalive’s report from August 5, where it was pointed out that everything happened within a span of just 4 minutes.

The first episode recorded by a camera between the 22-year-old and the 29-year-old allegedly took place around 3:07 a.m. to 3:08 a.m., at the entrance of Moira from Tympaki. This particular camera also records sound. Shouting and cursing are heard. The argument lasts about a minute. Motion is recorded as a shadow descends from the one car.

Watch the video of the altercation between the assailant and the victim shortly before the shooting:

Subsequently, the 22-year-old makes a turn on the spot in the direction of Timbaki and the 29-year-old appears to be moving towards Moires. But after about 60 meters he makes a U-turn and goes in the same direction as the 22-year-old, whom he even passes at one point. The shooting occurred about three minutes after the first recorded verbal incident.

Shooting video

In the video in question in which the chilling flash of the shot from the pistol of the 22-year-old Messaritis is captured, the two cars with drivers the 29-year-old victim and the young perpetrator can be seen standing in the same straight line and moving at low speed.

Immediately after, the victim’s vehicle veers for about 15 meters and goes off the road until it is on its side due to the height difference between the road and the adjacent field. The 22-year-old moves away from the scene of the incident, heads towards Galia, and moves towards Faneromeni until he disappears from the cameras… He reappears shortly before 5 in the morning at a business in the area of ​​Vora where he leaves the car he had “borrowed” from his 21-year-old friend.

As can be seen from the material in the video, the driving behavior of both, as recorded in various phases by the security cameras, clearly indicated some misunderstanding. Moreover, this element was what led the police officers handling the case to identify the car used by the 22-year-old.