The battle of the fire brigades with the flames in Evros continues for the 11th day.

According to the Fire Department, extinguishing operations are focused on Lefkimmithe Hazel and them Three Faucetswhere flare-ups are often noted.

At the same time in her fire Rhodope there are flare-ups in the areas Pewter and Circe.

In total, 475 firefighters with 100 vehicles, 16 groups of pedestrian units are working on the fires in Evros and Rodopi, while 6 airplanes and 4 helicopters are spraying water from the air.

In Parnithaaccording to the Fire Department, scattered small fires are observed on its southwest side, near the Fort of the Tribe, while strong ground forces remain in the area for fear of flare-ups.

In particular, 260 firefighters with 77 vehicles, 13 groups of pedestrian departments are operating in Parnitha, while a helicopter provides assistance from the air.

Finally, the fire brigades are also facing flare-ups in Viotia, specifically in the mountainous massif of the Steiri and Kyriaki regions.

High fire risk in many areas

For today, the risk of fire remains high in many areas of the country.

The territory’s fire service personnel remain on general alert in order to cope with the increased service demands that have arisen due to the large number of fires, while aerial surveillance patrols continue, as well as patrols by fire, police and military forces.