The fire brigade continues to fight the fires in the wider area of ​​Evros.

Firefighters face 81 fires throughout the territory, while in the last twenty-four hours they manifested 47 new forest firesmost of which, according to information from the Fire Department, were dealt with immediately, at their initial stage.


-In Parnitha, strong forces are operating and are facing flare-ups, mainly on its southwest side, near the Tribe’s Fortress.

-In Evros, due to flare-ups that occurred in the wider area, at 14:15, a message was sent from 112 to the residents of the Giannouli area, in order to move away to the Soufli area of ​​Evros, and at 14:19, a message was sent from 112 to the residents of the Sidiro area, in order to move away to the Mega Dereio area of ​​Evros.

– 45 firefighters with 4 groups of pedestrian units, 9 vehicles, 5 aircraft and two helicopters operate in Tsikraki of Farsalon. Subsidiaries are provided by local water bodies and project machinery.

Assistance in dealing with the fires is provided by the European Civil Protection Mechanism with forces from France (two aircraft that attempted in Alexandroupoli), Germany (two aircraft that attempted in Alexandroupoli), Spain (two aircraft that attempted in Cotronia Evros), Cyprus (30 firefighters who operating in the Three Faucets of Evros), Romania (52 firefighters with 10 vehicles operating in the Kirkis mines, in Alexandroupolis), Czech Republic (35 firefighters with 6 vehicles operating in Kotronia Evros), Bulgaria (36 firefighters with 4 vehicles operating in the Leptokarya area Evros), Slovakia (39 firefighters with 10 vehicles operating in the Lyra area of ​​Evros), as well as through an intergovernmental agreement from Albania (46 firefighters with 5 vehicles operating in Kotronia Evros) and from Serbia (30 people pedestrian section operating in Papikio Komotini ).

Also, assistance is provided by a large number of volunteer firefighters, forces that have been made available by the General Staff of National Defense and the Greek Police, as well as water tankers and machinery from the Regions.

The local investigative offices, as well as units of the Directorate for Combating Arson Crimes (DAEE) are investigating the causes of the fires.

For tomorrow, Thursday, the risk of fire remains high in many areas of the country. State Fire Service personnel remain on general alert to deal with the increased service demands that have arisen due to the large number of fires, while aerial surveillance patrols continue, as well as patrols by fire, police and military forces.

Finally, the Fire Brigade calls on all citizens to be particularly careful and in the event of a fire, for their own safety, to faithfully follow the instructions of the competent Authorities.