Opinion: What do all BBB editions have in common? Barbecue!


I confess that I’m obsessed with realities and, like all maniacal BBBs, I love following the shacks — in fact, we’re rooting for that.

But, besides the bullshit, there’s something else I always notice: the food, both those prepared by the Vip and Xepa groups, as well as those at the leader’s parties and the angel’s lunches.

And if there is a dish that is unanimous, that was part of all editions, it was the barbecue. I researched edition by edition and found that all, without fail, had meats roasted on the grill.

At BBB 22, for example. In the middle of elimination day, there was the barbecue at the house. One of the sponsors of the reality show funded an activity where the brothers could choose 12 products through the app to liven up the barbecue.

There was a ping-pong table, water volleyball, buoys, beer, gin… On the menu, chicken hearts, beef, sausage, grilled vegetables and side dishes.

In the last edition, BBB 21, Rodrigo Hilbert appeared on the screen to the brothers giving instructions on how to prepare for the launch of a barbecue line by one of the program’s sponsors.

In addition, at leader Nego Di’s barbershop-themed party, a barbecue was set up in which Caio acted as the official barbecue chef. The brother received several compliments for his performance on the grill.

Oh, and let’s not forget the “Juliette’s Barbecue”, which happened daily.

BBB 20 also had a leader’s party with a barbecue. In it, the theme was the construction site for the “churras do Prior”. As every Brazilian knows, he went up to the slab, there’s a barbecue.

In previous editions, there was barbecue barbecue with wine, gaucho party, improvisation with barbecue on the iron plate, everything to satisfy the desire to eat a roasted meat.

There was even a barbecue with a taste of remorse at BBB 16, when two participants used the collective “money” from the crowdfunding to buy a barbecue for two people — in this case, just for them.

Who remembers? After the whole crowd got really angry and heard Bial scolding, regret hit. I don’t think so, I would too.

And, at BBB 6, he had a very special participation: the late Marcos Bassi, the most famous butcher and barbecue master of all time.

On the show, Bassi taught about cuts of meat, tips on utensils, and prepared a barbecue for the Brothers. How I wish I were there!

BBB 22 has barely started and I’m already anxious to know who in this new edition will order barbecue at the leader’s party.

And you, reader, what food would you order if you were at BBB and the party was yours?

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