The fire in Evros is in remissionaccording to an update from the Fire Department after 16 days of burning day and night having burned over 935,000 acres of land.

However, strong ground and air firefighting forces continue to operate at the scene.

Total firefighting forces they are dealing with 82 fires throughout the territory, while in the last twenty-four hours there were 49 new forest fires, most of which were dealt with immediately, in their initial stage, as stated in the update of the Fire Department.

Assistance in dealing with the fires is provided by the European Civil Protection Mechanism with forces from France, Spain, Cyprus, Romania, the Czech Republic, Bulgaria and Slovakia, as well as through transnational agreements Albania and Serbia.

Also, assistance is provided by a large number of volunteer firefighters, forces that have been made available by the General Staff of National Defense and the Greek Police, as well as water tankers and machinery from the Regions.

Local investigative offices, as well as Divisions of the Directorate for Combating Arson Crimes (D.A.E.E.) are investigating the causes of the fires.

The staff of the Fire Department of the Territory remains on general alert.

Finally, the Fire Brigade calls on all citizens to be particularly careful and in the event of a fire, for their own safety, to faithfully follow the instructions of the competent authorities.