Hong Kong experienced the hottest summer ever recorded in the former British colony this yearwith “record” temperatures, his government announced today.

“With exceptionally hot weather in June and July, Hong Kong experienced its hottest summer on record from June to August 2023,” it said in a statement.

From India to Japan and Australia, the Asia-Pacific region recorded a series of record temperatures this summer, as it happened in other parts of the world, demonstrating once again the climate changes on the planet.

Hong Kong last month had an average monthly temperature of 29.7 degrees Celsius, making this August the hottest on record, according to the Hong Kong Observatory.

This year also saw the third warmest July and the fourth warmest June since temperature records began in 1884.

The three hottest years in Hong Kong’s history have all been recorded since 2018.

This year’s August was also “much drier than usual with a total rainfall of 140.7mm”, the Hong Kong Observatory added.

At the beginning of summer, Beijing also recorded a record temperature of 41.1 degrees Celsius on a June day.

Scientists note that global warming, which is linked to dependence on fossil fuels, is responsible for the increase in heat waves around the world.