Important are the findings from this year’s tax auditsboth in the tourist areas, during the three summer months, and throughout the country, during the eight months.

These are controls, which are carried out both at the level of visits to businesses, with the aim of detecting on-site violations or not, as well as following intersections.

Great emphasis was also placed on elements from digital platforms, e-send and myDATAcombined with transaction data from the POS.

Businesses with violations of non-issuance and non-transmission of tax data were identified, as well as a number of cases where the payment was made with plastic money, but the business had not cut or had not transmitted the corresponding documents.

All these businesses were ordered to close for 48 hours, as well as the corresponding fines.

In more detail, since the beginning of the year until August 31:

  • 50,000 checks were performed
  • 784,150 violations were recorded
  • With a net hidden value of 24 million euros
  • Plus VAT over 4 million euros
  • 621 businesses were closed for 48 hours
  • And a special monetary penalty was imposed on 131 businesses (these are hotels and other businesses, which are not expected to be closed, due to their purpose, in order to serve their customers)

Inspections continue throughout the year, with an emphasis in September on tourist areas.

As stated by its commander AADE, Giorgos Pitsilis, “ensuring the conditions for the operation of the market under conditions of healthy competition and the protection of consistent taxpayers are self-evident for us. For this purpose, this year we have intensified the controls, we are constantly developing new digital tools and applying sophisticated control techniques in order to limit, more and more, the windows of tax evasion”.