Sta courts ended up two neighbours who after a verbal episode were caught red-handed, as a result of sue each other. It is about one 44 years old and one 56 years oldwho were prosecuted for simple bodily harm.

The two men live in neighboring apartments and the tensions between them seem to be constant. The drop that broke the glass was one camera, which the 56-year-old complained that the 44-year-old placed on his balcony. The former claims that the camera is also recording his own balcony, which the latter denies.

When the 56-year-old asked his neighbor to take out the camera the previous 24 hours, it didn’t take long for blood to ignite and one conversation led to another, with the result that they collide.

Complaints were filed on both sides at the Harilaou – Analipsios Police Department and they were arrested under the automatic procedure. They were referred to be tried at the Single-Member Criminal Court of Thessaloniki, where their trial was postponed. The two neighbors pledged before the court that until the trial there will be no further tension and under these conditions they were detained.