The intensification of health checks in educational units is necessary and imperative, with the aim of protecting public health, in view of the start of the new school year 2023-2024 and given the continued transmission of covid-19 and other respiratory viral infections that are endemic in the winter season in our country. The above are mentioned in a circular issued by the Deputy Minister of Health Irini Agapidakis. Hygiene rules must be observed in all areas (classrooms, courtyards, common areas, toilets, etc.) of schools, nurseries, nurseries and kindergartens.

Compliance with hygiene rules

Adherence to personal hygiene measures with an emphasis on frequent and correct application of hand hygiene.

Care for the relevant training of auxiliary staff and workers in catering areas, regarding the means of personal protection and the correct and faithful observance of the rules of personal hygiene.

Cleaning and disinfection of surfaces and spaces in classrooms, dining areas, toilets, etc.

Regular and adequate ventilation of the premises.

Ensuring the hygiene of the water supply and drainage systems with a particular emphasis on the cleanliness and disinfection of the toilet facilities.

Placement of an alcoholic solution pump at the hand washing points.

Necessity to continuously inform the school population about the transmission of viral respiratory infections, so that there is no complacency, by posting illustrated instructions on the subject in prominent places within the building facilities.

Hygiene control of catering areas

Particular attention must be paid to school canteens, canteens (fixed), food and drink vending machines and school dining areas, in order to establish compliance with the terms and conditions of the relevant Health Regulations.

Guidelines for the safe operation of canteens & dining areas:

Employees must be provided with a health certificate in accordance with the Health Ordinance with number Y1c/G.P/oc. 35797/ 5 11-4-2012 (Β’1199), as each time applies and to observe personal hygiene measures.

The employment of the staff of the canteens shall be in accordance with the provisions of the health regulations

Staff training regarding the observance of hygiene rules, with particular emphasis on the following:

Regular and thorough cleaning of the staff’s hands with soap and warm water (according to EODY instructions).

Use of disposable gloves (according to EODY instructions).

Application of cleaning-disinfection and disinfection-myocide methods of the business.

Regular & good ventilation of the space.

Disposition of prepackaged foods in accordance with food hygiene and safety rules.

It is especially pointed out that the products available from the canteen after processing must be placed in paper wrapping.

Avoid overcrowding in general during the break in accordance with the EODY instructions from time to time.

Placing a bottle of alcohol solution with an infusion pump in a prominent place for hand hygiene, for use by students and staff.

Post illustrated instructions in a prominent place for the correct use of the antiseptic and personal & respiratory hygiene measures.