A message via 112 was sent to the residents of Domokos, Fthiotida, notifying them that by order of the Hellenic Police, the movement of vehicles is prohibited in the municipality of Domokos due to the development of dangerous weather phenomena. In particular, the message states: “By order of the Greek Police, the movement of vehicles is prohibited in the Municipality of Domokos Fthiotida due to the development of dangerous weather phenomena”.

The water level continues to rise in the villages of the Domokos plain of Fthiotida, while at the same time one after another the axes of the provincial network are closed as they cannot withstand the water pressure.

A little while ago, the rescue of four people from the settlement of Petrilia was completed by boats and loaders, who were judged to have to leave the settlement, while in the village of Sofiada, although its evacuation was ordered, more than 120 people remain inside the village, but in high places, that is, on the 1st floor of their houses and according to the deputy governor of Fthiotida Ilias Sanidas “they don’t want to leave their houses and they are safe. We have the machinery and buses at the ready and if it is judged that they want transportation, we will intervene immediately.”

According to the residents, the rainfall which continues with particular intensity is unprecedented for the region, the waters in the village in Sofiada and Petrilia in some places exceed two meters and in fact even heavy agricultural machinery is impossible to reach the houses .

At this time it is raining torrentially both in the area of ​​Domokos and in the area of ​​Karditsa and the wider area has become a lake whose water level is constantly rising.

As far as the damages are concerned, the residents of the area talk about biblical disasters in crops and infrastructure, since both the provincial network and the rural network have been sacrificed to the rush of the waters.