Residents and authorities in Lamia have their eyes on the Sperchios River, as a large volume of water comes from Western Fthiotida. A little while ago, at the 21st kilometer of the Lamia Karpenisi road, the river on its way to Lamia and the sea overflowed, covering the road and stopping traffic.

A little while ago, the preventive evacuation began in the village of Komma 6 km South of Lamia, however, so far the inhabitants of the village either go to their relatives in Lamia, or decide to stay in higher houses, without showing any desire to move away.

Despite the fact that 112 sent him a message asking them to move away to Lamia and despite the fact that the municipality of Lamia has already created a place of accommodation for them, in the closed gym of the city, they themselves refuse to move away. It should be noted that all the hotels in Lamia and the wider area are full due to the hosting of the Acropolis Rally. At the same time, another space has been created in the cultural center of the Municipality for those who would like to spend their evening safely.

According to the estimates of the authorities, the main volume of water is expected in about three hours in the area. Then it will be decided whether the river will withstand or not.

At the same time there is a lull in the bad weather in the city of Lamia which is now measuring its wounds.

Traffic is slowly being restored in the city while hundreds of houses and basements remain flooded, with the Fire Department running from house to house to pump out the water.

In many cases, interventions have been made by machinery of the municipality and the region, the roads and access to a large part of the road network have been functionally restored.

However, in several places, huge volumes of soil and heavy materials have been moved, which earthmoving machines are currently trying to remove.

Traffic on the Lamia-Karpenisiou road has been stopped as there are problems in many places, traffic on the Lamia Domokou road is progressing with difficulty as the previously blocked areas are being restored one after the other. There are problems with huge volumes of rubble that are on the road surface on Lamia Stylida road.

To Domokos

The hours continue to be nightmarish in the area of ​​Domokos and the anxiety is intensifying for the 125 residents of the village of Sofiada and 40 residents of the Petrilia settlement who remain in their homes and did not want to move.

It is characteristic that in the last hour another operation of the 7th EMAK is being developed to transport elderly people from Petrilia to a safe place. They themselves asked to move away, as the night was more difficult.

2 hours ago, the 7th EMAK had to intervene, once again, when a resident of the area, ignoring the traffic ban, went to assess the situation in the streams and got trapped. It is characteristic that the firefighters, at the risk of their lives, freed him while a wider mobilization of forces was needed to enable them to reach a safe place.

Missing people

Despite the investigations by the police and the fire department, nothing has been found in relation to the missing person from Petrotos, while the latest information indicates that another resident of the area is being searched for by the firefighters, but also by his relatives, but so far without having other details are given.

Finally, several villages remain without electricity as a large part of the network has been destroyed as the torrents have carried away power transmission poles and in many cases the cables are inside the torrents.

According to the deputy governor of Fthiotida, Mr. Ilias Sanidas who spoke to APE BEE “the disasters are biblical”. As he notes “a large part of the infrastructure has been destroyed, roads have given way, bridges have collapsed, both in the provincial network and in the rest of the municipal and rural network, as well as agricultural infrastructure and crops have been destroyed” as he typically notes and meaningfully adds that “nothing will be like yesterday in the entire region”.

In Evia

In their Golgotha, since last night, some settlements of the municipality of Limni Mantoudi and Agia ‘Anna remain without water and electricity. The settlements of Sarakiniko, Kastri and Makri Gyalo, where the machines have not yet arrived to restore the infrastructure, remain without electricity and water.

A battle was fought from the morning today in the village of Vlachia and in the village of Pyli with the release of residents, while in the afternoon the traffic on the road to Vlachia was restored and the machines are already moving towards Sarakiniko.

It is characteristic that the villages of the municipality of Limni Mantoudi, Agia ‘Anni, on the Aegean side, were particularly tested since last night, as well as several villages of the municipality of Istiaea Edipsos.

Particularly large damages have been recorded in the infrastructure and technical works, especially in the roads that connect the villages to each other.

However, the bad weather continues which means that nothing is over yet, while hundreds of homes have been flooded and calls for pumping water are ongoing.