The entire mechanism of the municipality of Athens is in full mobilization, in order to deal with any problem presented by the downpour, which affects the whole of Attica. Until now, there have been some minor problems, such as the one in Vasilissis Sofias and in wells that are not the responsibility of the Municipality of Athens, but of the Region, however the crews of the municipality immediately rushed to solve it.

“The mayor asked for our workshop to go immediately, even though the well belongs to the Region and we will do the same wherever and whenever we are asked. We will help immediately with our own means”, said the deputy mayor of Urban and Building Infrastructures and Town Planning Vassilis Axiotis to APE-MPE and added:

“At this moment, when there is heavy rain, the Civil Protection and the entire mechanism of the municipality is on the move and our means are on the streets and they are working.”

Regarding the cleaning of the capital’s wells, Mr. Axiotis emphasizes that all the necessary checks and cleanings have been carried out. From then on, from 1-6-2022 to 3-8-2023 and from the total of approximately 18,000 wells that are the responsibility of the municipality of Athens, they had to intervene in:

5,717 wells main

1,747 secondary wells

719 lateral main

1,260 secondary laterals

3,228 meters in gutters & gutters.

That is, approximately 50% of the total had to be covered.

As the deputy mayor of Athens explains, every year the number of wells in need decreases, precisely because a complete inspection and cleaning has been carried out.

Last year an operation was needed in about 14,000 wells, last year in 12,000, this year in about 9,000 wells. In other words, the number of wells in Athens that need intervention is steadily decreasing, precisely because all the required checks and cleanings have been carried out.

“Checking and cleaning is done on a regular basis every year. Where problems occur, the necessary work is carried out. This year it had to be done in half the wells, because the control and cleaning have already been done and everything else is not a problem”, Mr. Axiotis added at the end.