Kotsira Explosion: Trapped and without electricity for 44 hours – Posted


The public “explosion” of the singer Giannis Kotsiras was caused by the suffering he receives due to the wave of bad weather “Elpis”, emphasizing that it belongs to those who remain trapped due to the bad weather.

The popular singer states that not only has he been trapped in his house, since the roads are still inaccessible, but for 44 hours he did not even have electricity.

To express his indignation, he posted a lengthy post on his Facebook account explaining the situation to his friends and fans.

In fact, he posted the song “Epidavros” by Lavrentis Macharitsas, stating that it fits the situation perfectly.

The singer’s post

“After 44 hours without electricity and a cage that is still going on, I can wish you good morning again. For the last 20 years we have been living exactly the same project, with different protagonists each time but always with the same impotence and analgesia.

Instead of investing in basic structures, in health, in education, in civil protection and in general in everything that makes a state functional and modern and the citizen feeling safe, our representatives, the ones we elect and we pay for, invest in only which they are interested in working smoothly. In propaganda. So that they can incense them and tell us how good they are and how happy we are.

And in the end to try to redeem our indignation, as compensation for their own responsibilities over time but always with our own money. I will not continue because I am honestly tired.

Besides, on the occasion of yesterday’s Music Box that opened yesterday on ERT for Lavrentis Macharitsas, many times the songs say everything better. This is what I have chosen to do in recent years. To speak through songs.

So Epidaurus today, by our Lavrentis, in the shocking lyrics of Isaac Sousse. “And if the show that was given was ridiculous and if the protagonists played us, in the ruined scenes and in the landscapes, the lyrics of Euripides turn sadistic. Remind me that I am trapped. In lies that became institutions. To make fun of the fact that I live happily, and another in my place has been sacrificed “.

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