The other ship of Golden Star Ferries, the Andros Queen, is heading towards the port of Lavrio at this time, as it failed to dock at the port of Rafina, due to the winds and the effort made by a tugboat to move and dock safely the Fast Ferries Andros which since early morning has been outside the port without a propeller, reports the irafina.

According to information, the Rafina Port Organization is ready and, if necessary, will hire a coach to transport passengers from the port of Lavrio to Rafina, in the event that the company does not do so.

As for the Fast Ferries Androsthe operation is underway to tie up safely while two more tugs are expected.

In a statement issued by the Port Authority regarding today’s events, it is stated:

Morning hours today, during the departure process of the E/G-O/G “FAST FERRY ANDROS” N.P. 11124 from the port of Rafina, the vessel in question dragged its chain in the bay E/G-O/G “AIKATERINI P” N.P. 10688, resulting in its displacement towards the adjacent moored E/G-O/G “SUPERFERRY” N.A. 620. Adverse weather conditions prevailed in the area (BBA 7-8 BF).

Afterwards, to avoid a collision, the “SUPERFERRY” E/G-O/G carried out a forced departure, having boarded 481 passengers, 55 crew members, 69 ICHE, 2 F/G, 1 Bus and 7 Two-wheelers, while it safely disengaged leaving his left anchor and chain, in order to carry out his planned course.

In order to avoid injury to people and for the safety of “AIKATERINI P”, its ship was operated, together with the movement of “FAST FERRY ANDROS”. As a result of the above movements, the mooring lines of the above ships were cut successively without any injury or material damage. During the aforementioned manipulations, the left chain of “AIKATERINI P” got wrapped around the right propeller of “FAST FERRY ANDROS”.

In addition, an attempt was made by the Masters of the ships in question to disengage them, during which, the bow of “AIKATERINI P” followed the stern of the E/G-O/G “ANDROS” without there being a breach according to the statement of the Masters of the ships. Afterwards, the “AIKATERINI P” sailed to the port of Lavrio, with 391 passengers, 41 ICHE, 3 F/G, 2 Buses and 3 Bicycles, where it sailed safely and disembarked the passengers and their vehicles, so that it could then be inspected by the observer classification, to determine any damage. Its passengers are to be forwarded to the port of Rafina, by the ship’s owning company.

The “FAST FERRY ANDROS” remains anchored near the port of Rafina, safely tied to a tug, awaiting the arrival of two more (02) tugs, with the aim of safely mooring and berthing it in the port of Rafina (730 passengers, 48 ​​crew, 66 ICHE, 13 Buses, 6 Buses and 8 Tricycles).