Increases in school supplies detects the Consumer Workers’ Union of Greece of GSEE paccording to which the checks

As stated in the announcement, 174 products were checked while the prices for the years 2022 and 2023 were compared and the following were found:

  • Of the 174 products that were checked, the price increased in 52.87% of them, while the price remained stable for 28.16%. A decrease was observed in 18.97% of species
  • Detected increases range from 0.91% to 34.21%
  • Of the products that received price increases, in 44.57% the increase exceeded 10% (from 10.00%-34.21%)
  • Reductions in school fees range from 0.37% to 20.41%.

“At some point, a brake must be put on the endless spiral of price appreciation in all, without exception, products of wide and mass consumption. It is obvious that the control mechanisms, which operate with a legislative framework that threatens rudimentary sanctions in the event of their violation, are no longer sufficient. The central administration monitors this situation from afar, unable to intervene sufficiently. From our side, with our daily actions, investigations, complaints and continuous public interventions, we will be present at every moment, with the aim of protecting the consumer” as noted in the announcement.

It is reminded that parents and students can find in stores that sell school supplies (large toy chains, bookstores) the “School Supplies Basket”, which will be valid until October 3, 2023.

Nine are the school supplies that form the basis for the “School Supplies Basket”: School bags, Cassettes, Notebooks, Wooden or mechanical pencils, Colored markers, Pens, Erasers, Scrapers, Diagonals/Rulers.