With a vehicle whose features and inscriptions resembled a fire engine of the Bulgarian authorities, a foreign smuggler attempted yesterday to illegally transport three immigrants into the country.

It is noted that the trafficker initially did not comply with a stop signal by the police officers of the Border Guard Department of Tycheros while moving on the Ormeniou-Ardaniou National Highway.

He then stopped the vehicle and fled on foot in an attempt to evade arrest.

In addition, as found, the trafficker driver lacks a driving license.

In a second case, on the Thessaloniki – Kavala National Highway, officers from the Drama Police Department arrested the local trafficker, because he was spotted together with his unknown accomplice, who is wanted, illegally transporting inland, with two I.X.E. cars, a total of 6 illegal immigrants.
It is noted that the above-mentioned drivers – traffickers, initially did not comply with a stop signal of the policemen, while they then immobilized their vehicles and pedestrians fled, but one of them was located and arrested.

The above vehicles, amount of money and mobile phones were seized.

The arrested will be taken to the competent Prosecutors, while the preliminary investigation for the two cases is being carried out by the Border Guard Departments of Tycheros Alexandroupoli and Kato Nevrokopi of Drama.