Clarifications on the implementation of the measure of the suspension of employment contracts of employees in businesses affected by the floods are given by the Ministry of Labor and Social Security.

In particular, as stated in the relevant announcement:

Private sector enterprises, regardless of sector and business activity, in areas affected by the severe weather phenomena (floods) of September 2023, whose facilities suffer complete destruction or serious material damage to the extent that it is not safe to provide work within the workplace, may suspend the employment contracts of their employees, who were hired up to the day before the occurrence of the flood, until the damages that have been caused due to it have been repaired and, in any case, not beyond three months.

Employees, whose employment contract is suspended, are entitled to extraordinary financial support, as special purpose compensation, amounting to 534 euros, which corresponds to 30 days.

Employees, whose employment contracts are suspended, are provided with full insurance coverage, calculated on their nominal salary, for the period of suspension of the employment contract, as well as for the holiday allowances corresponding to this period.

Businesses are required to submit a responsible declaration every month to the “ERGANI” Information System, with which they declare the employees whose contracts are suspended. After the first declaration of suspension of the company-employer, the eligible employees submit a responsible declaration on the online platform

Also, from 12/9/2023 until 30/9/2023, the P.S. “ERGANI” will be available for the submission of declarations of suspension of the employment contracts of the employees for the month of September 2023 by the businesses in the areas affected by the floods.