The reactions of the citizens who lost their properties and their crops are reasonable, said Deputy Minister of Climate Crisis Christos Triandopoulos, speaking to SKAI, and emphasized that just three days after the catastrophic weather phenomenon, the first aid platform for those affected was already opened.

He clarified that the residents of 45 villages that have been completely flooded are registered so that they can receive the first aid money directly into their accounts without the need for an autopsy and to submit an application online.

He also said that the second residence is also compensated with a smaller amount.

Mr. Triandopoulos also said that 1,180 applications have already been submitted, while the autopsies have already begun, which already reach 3,500.

As he said, as soon as the crossings are done, the victims will see the money in their account within a few days.

As much money as needed will be given, there is no cut-off, he said characteristically.