The disasters are incalculable caused by name “Daniel” to plain of Thessalyas many plots of land have been under water for several days.

The blow received by its industry is great plant production and specifically the fruits and the fruitsas they are produced in the region of Thessaly 359,000 tons or the 7% from the total of 5,495,000 tons of our country, according to provisional estimates of the Association of Hellenic Companies Exporting, Trading Fruits, Vegetables and Juices, INCOFRUIT-HELLAS, based on the data of the Ministry of Agricultural Development and Food.

In the area of ​​Thessaly, approximately 1/3 of applesof which, according to the same data, 129,000 tons of the 395,000 tons nationwide are produced (apples 304,000 tons nationwide – 84,500 in Thessaly – Pears 81,000 tons nationwide – 43,300 tons in Thessaly).

“There are indeed disastrous consequences from the heavy rains and floods in Thessaly. For apples and Kiwi it is still too early to say about the consequences for the fruits, we estimate that the amount to be traded will be reduced” the special adviser of the Association told the Athenian-Macedonian News Agency. George Polychronakis and added: “The urgent thing is the restoration, even tentatively, of the road network in the area that has suffered serious damage for the transport of the produce to be harvested.

According to Mr. Polychronakis, “unharvested pears are small quantities of late variety” and as he notes “It is still too early to try to quantify the damage to both fruit and vegetables” and as he points out “in any case the effects of any shortage will create, on the one hand, upward trends in the already increased prices and imports”.

Regarding the fresh vegetables, according to the same data, the country’s total production amounts to 2,330,000 tons and in Thessaly 278,000 tons (12%). The largest percentage of production is found in industrial tomatowhere of the 315,000 tons produced by our country, 190,000 are found in the Region of Thessaly.

As the special advisor of the Association said “most of its lands industrial tomato were already harvested and it is estimated that 25-30% of the production did not have time to collect”.

Over 30% of the country’s total production of hardwood trees is located in the Thessaly region. As stated in the figures, of the 111,500 tons of nationwide production, 34,500 tons are located in Thessaly.

Production of walnuts throughout the country it reaches 37,500 tons and in the Region of Thessaly 12,000 tons, while in almonds production nationwide reaches 29,000 tons and in Thessaly 10,600 tons.

Smaller are the areas in Brown and peanutswhere nationwide production amounts to 34,000 and 10,400 tons respectively, while in Thessaly 9,500 and 2,100 tons are produced respectively.

End, less affected seems to be the production of stone fruitssince the Region of Thessaly produces 76,000 tons of the country’s total of 1,119,000 tons.