Members of a criminal network known to the Turkish police who have been the target of police investigations in the past are the 6 murdered in the massacre that took place on Monday afternoon in Lutsa, according to Turkish security sources.

As reported by the SKAI correspondent in Istanbul, Manolis Kostidis, it was claimed that the dead were close men of the leader of the criminal organization of Barış Boyun, who was involved in several armed actions in Turkey and had fled to Italy.

It is noted that Doruk B. and other names among the dead were close associates of Barış Boyun’s gang leader. While the Greek police tried to keep the names of the victims secret while the investigations continue, it became known that one of the names, Doruk B., had escaped from the police chase with Oğuzhan H. a few months ago and disappeared into the forest in the Cekmekoi district of Istanbul. While Oğuzhan H. was illegally heading to Georgia in a truck, he was arrested by the Istanbul Police at the border gate and claimed that Doruk B. fled by road to Greece.

The fate of the gang members

In the past there have also been attacks abroad against the leader of the criminal network Barış Boyun, who lives in Italy as a fugitive and is known for the motorcycle executions that took place in Istanbul. In said attacks (against the gang) Emircan Yılmaz in Abkhazia, Edip Yalçın in Georgia and Halil Ay in France were shot. Gülbey Dilsiz, who killed Ay, was also killed in bloody action.

The Turkish website also mentions the massacre in Lutsa and the identity of the 6 murdered milyet with Title “Ambush on the Barış Boyun gang in Greece: 6 dead” in which he states that “the dead were close men of the leader of the criminal organization Barış Boyun, who participated in many armed actions in Turkey and lived as a fugitive in Italy.”