In the triangle Larissa, Karditsa, Trikala All the arterial roads are now open, except for the Trikala-Larissa axis in which only emergency vehicles move, emphasized deputy representative of the Fire Department, Yiannis Artophios according to emergency update from the Operations Coordination Center in Larissa.

Mr. Artophios assured that traffic will be restored on the Trikala – Larisa axis in the next few hours.

He also mentioned that the road network to Zagora Pelion was restored this morning in the area of ​​Magnesia.

Regarding the E65 highway, he said it is open, however the National Highway Athens – Thessaloniki remains closed and the main problem is the flood phenomenon, which originally extended to 3 kilometers but now it has been limited to 1 kilometer.

Mr. Artopioos underlined that the works for the performance of the road network in traffic continue with every available means, while the Greek Police recommends to the drivers moving in the area, slow speeds and special attention following the instructions of the authorities located at the points.

In addition, Mr. Artophios referred to the railway network, saying that a big problem has arisen and estimated that it will take a long time to repair the damage.

At the same time, the press representative of the Fire Department emphasized that from Tuesday, September 5 until today, the Fire Department has carried out 4,570 rescues and evacuations of our fellow citizens to safe places, while the operations center has received 11,394 calls nationwide.

According to the data of the Fire Department, in total the Region of Thessaly has received 8822 calls, in particular:

-P.E. Magnesia has received 2558 calls and made 634 rescues.

-P.E. Larissa has received 2920 calls and has carried out 1328 rescues

-P.E. Karditsas has received 1885 calls and carried out 896 rescues.

-P.E. Trikalon has received 1339 calls and carried out 676 rescues.

With reference to the situation in the affected areas, Mr. Artophios emphasized that in the P.E. Karditsa-Trikala, in Palamas, only water extraction is carried out. The settlements of Marathea, Korda, Koskina, Psathochori, Kalogriana and Pedino, as he said, have been surveyed in their entirety, while in Sofades only water surveys are carried out.

In Trikala, and more specifically in the mountain network to Aspropotamos, the supply of basic necessities is done by helicopter, according to Mr. Artopioos, who added that in the large Kalyvias, water supplies are carried out, while in Pineiada, basic necessities are delivered to the residents.

Finally, in Larissa, in the Yannouli district, people are being transported for health and preventive reasons, while in Agios Thomas, Stefanovikio and Rizomylo of Larissa, water supply is being carried out.