In a framework of cooperation between the Deputy Minister of the Interior, Mr. Theodoros Livanios, the Deputy Minister of Climate Crisis and Civil Protection, Mr. Christos Triandopoulos, Responsible for Rehabilitation from Natural Disasters and State Aid, the Secretary General at the Ministry of the Interior, Mr. Michalis Stavrianoudakis , of the General Secretary of Public Investments and NSRF, Mr. Dimitris Skalkos and following relevant preparatory work by the Governmental Committee for State Aid, as well as the invitation published on Friday, September 8, 2023, a modification of the invitation of the Ministry of the Interior for the submission of a proposal to the TPA of the Ministry of the Interior, in priority axis 2.4 “Prevention and risk management”, entitled “Natural disaster program for OTAs A’ and B’ grade”, with a total budget of 9,780,000 euros.

The call concerns the financing of Municipalities, Municipal Water Supply and Sewerage Companies (MWSCs) and Regions for projects to prevent and restore damages from natural disasters, namely:

  • The Municipality of Aegina with 80,000 euros
  • The Municipality of Ermionida with 100,000 euros
  • The Municipality of Karditsa with 700,000 euros
  • The Municipality of Larissa with 500,000 euros
  • The Municipality of Mouzaki with 570,000 euros
  • The Municipality of Palamas with 150,000 euros
  • The Municipality of Skopelos with 100,000 euros
  • The Municipality of Soufli with 300,000 euros
  • The Municipality of Trikkaia with 30,000 euros
  • The Municipality of Farkadona with 150,000 euros
  • DEVA Agia with 300,000 euros
  • DEVA Karditsa with 500,000 euros
  • TWO Killelers with 500,000 euros
  • TWO Meteorons for 500,000 euros
  • DEVA Mouzaki with 500,000 euros
  • TWO Palamas for 700,000 euros
  • DEVA Pylis with 300,000 euros
  • DEVA Skiathos 100,000 euros
  • TWO Sofados 500,000 euros
  • TWO Tempos 500,000 euros
  • TWO Trikala 500,000 euros
  • TWO Farkadonas 500,000 euros
  • South Aegean Region with 100,000 euros
  • Region of Thessaly with 1,600,000 euros

The financial support to local government organizations for the restoration of damages from natural disasters continues through new related decisions.