The audiovisual material from the security cameras in Loutsa, located around the scene of the murder of the six Turks, is under the microscope of the authorities.

According to information, in the hands of EL.AS. there is a video in which the bloody attack was audio-recorded. According to it, the firing starts at 18:20 and 8 seconds and lasts until 18:20 and 52 seconds. During this entire 44 second period there is continuous fire.

In the footage from the area’s security cameras, the victims’ vehicle can be seen going up Acropoleos Street – where the attack took place – and then being followed by a black jeep.

Many residents of the area stated that they saw the I.X. of the victims going up the alley and following a specific jeep, so authorities have focused their search on that vehicle.

The accommodation of the victims

In a parallel development, the authorities have located the house where the victims lived and which is located in close proximity to the scene of the murder.

Crime in Loutsa - Home of victims

This is a short-term rental accommodation and is about 5 minutes from the spot where the bloody attack took place.

According to information, the authorities carried out a thorough search of the particular house.

It is recalled that one of the six victims was recently arrested for illegal entry into the country.

The route of the victims’ vehicle

The car in which the murdered men were found in Lutsa was not stolen.

According to new information, the German license plates match the vehicle’s chassis number.

The vehicle does not belong to any of the six, but to a German citizen. The vehicle had entered the country during the summer from the Evzon border station.