EL.AS investigations are ongoing to identify the perpetrators who set up a death plot for 6 members of the gang of the Turkish arch-mafioso Baris Boyoun, in Lutsa.

At the same time, EL.AS is “dusting” its files in order to collect as much information as it can in order to outline the profiles of the victims.

According to civil protection ministry sources, they are Turkish nationals, five of whom had fake French IDs, while the sixth was identified through fingerprints.

In addition, according to the data so far, it appears that the criminal group was operating in countries of the European Union but not in Greece, which leads the experienced officers of ELAS to the conclusion that they were finding refuge in our country. However, what they are also investigating is whether they have accomplices in Greece, mainly in drug trafficking matters.

As for the car in which the victims were traveling, it came from Germany, had fake German number plates and belonged to a Romanian citizen, who had given it to the victims.

They had also rented a second house

After the hideout in the area of ​​Artemisa a few kilometers away from the place where they were ambushed to death by unknown people, the police located a second house in Paleo Faliro which was allegedly rented by one of the victims.

And this, like the first hideout, is an Airbnb while searches are carried out in the presence of a judicial officer.


They were notified by SMS to leave the house

As SKAI revealed yesterday, three of the six victims had received 10-15 minutes before the massacre a message on their cell phones in Turkish warning them to leave the house as soon as possible because they had been spotted.

The killers allegedly used 4 firearms, two of which are pistol-type.

The role of the 32-year-old Turk who was arrested in El. Venizelos

At the same time, EL.AS is investigating the role of the 32-year-old Turk who was arrested in EL. Venizelos. What they are looking at is whether their 32-year-old compatriot was the “traitor” who led them there. It is possible that the 32-year-old man was with the victims at their home in Lutsa and then “sold” them, leading them to the murderous ambush.

The arrested person legally resided in Greece and intended to travel to Mytilini with a ticket issued in Turkey one hour after the incident in Pike.