There is a particular concern in the last hours also in the north of Magnesia in Carla Lake (ancient Voibis) where the water level rises continuously and threatens to flood even larger areas of the Thessalian plain between the prefectures of Magnesia and Larissa.

From the overflow of Carla, in which huge amounts of water are now directed from the flooded Pineos, all neighboring villages are in immediate danger and the population has been informed of the possible risks.

According to the mayor of Killeler Thanasis Nasiakopoulos the settlements of Sotirio, Niki, Modestos, Kastri and Amygdali of Larissa and the towns are at risk Stefanovikio and Rizomylos of the Municipality of Riga Feraio, but also Kanalia in Magnesia.

According to the residents, but also to the experts, the extent of the flooded lake reached the levels of 1960 when it had begun to dry up, which proved to be unsuccessful and fifty years later efforts began to restore it in the form of a controlled large reservoir that was inaugurated in 2018.

In Pelion which was hit by the storm with terrible severity and mainly its eastern part, great efforts are being made to restore road connections in the area.

According to the mayor of Zagora-Mouresi Panagiotis Koutsaftis “with rapid pace, more forces and means and greater state aid from the Ministry of Climate Crisis, over 1.2 million euros, the multi-dimensional actions for restorations after the catastrophic bad weather Daniel continue in the municipality of Zagora – Mouresi. After all, the primary goal of protecting human life from extreme weather events and the evacuation of citizens in danger has been achieved and efforts are continuing to restore road connections to communities and settlements such as Puri, Horefto and wherever necessary. Teams of engineers from the Region of Thessaly and the Armed Forces, carried out autopsies on bridges and other parts of the central road axis from Zurich to Puri, in order to map the problems from the disasters and prioritize them, while the “Kalokairinos” bridge in Puri was judged not to be safe for vehicular crossings and immediate actions will be initiated for restorations as in other places with rock falls, landslides of slopes and volumes of soil and rocks”.


At the same time, the Police arrested three people in Volos while they looted a house abandoned by its owners, due to the floods.The three arrested broke through the main entrance of the house and entered the interior with the intention of removing items. Various burglary tools were seized from their possession.

Others also astutely taking advantage of the situation are trying to take advantage of people and for this reason the office of the mayor of Volos, Achillea Beu, reported with a statement that “unknown people are calling them and are willing to facilitate them as flood victims in order to get immediate financial aid that is allegedly granted by the Municipality and for this they should give them a bank account with codes. Since this is beyond any doubt a fraud, we call on citizens to be careful and not to give their personal information. In any case, the process of any compensations is done electronically and not by phone calls.”

Water supply problems

For the tenth day, difficulties continue for the thousands of residents of Volos, without drinking water. The water that reaches their taps at intervals is not drinkable and according to the scientists is not suitable even for elementary use since the analyzes show that it is unsuitable.

At the same time, crews of EYDAP together with crews of DEWA Meizonos Volos, are working intensively to restore the enormous damages suffered by the entire water supply network of the capital of Magnesia, in order to restore normalcy to the lives of thousands of people.

Inside Volos, where the atmosphere is burdened especially by the dust suspended due to the dried mud, the efforts to clean the districts and streets of the city continue. However, the difficulties are great since the volume and extent of the mud is enormous and the residents of the districts most affected by the floods are trying to put their lives in order based on the new data that emerged after the disaster.

Neapoli, Old Port Authority, Papadiamanti, Palaia, Agios Panteleimonas, Inopneuma, Kallithea, Neo Delta are the districts that were affected and are still in mud and with infrastructure that was destroyed by the torrential rain and the waters of the Krausidona torrent that overflowed in many places.

Inside the port of Volos but also in boat marinas and dozens of coasts in the area, the picture is heartbreaking since the surface of the sea is covered by transported materials brought down by the rivers from Pelion, turning the closed bay of Pagasitikos into a sea that needs attention for the movement of boats according to the Central Port Authority of Volos.