The chase that led to the arrest of a migrant smuggler yesterday morning by the Rhodes Coast Guard was episodic.

A patrol boat of the Rhodes Port Authority spotted a suspicious boat moving towards the coast of the island and disembarking a sufficient number of people in the “GINA” area

Subsequently, the vessel in question did not respond to the light and sound signals of the patrol vessel and tried to escape towards the Turkish coast, performing dangerous maneuvers and developing a high speed.

A chase ensued and warning shots fired in a safe sector, in accordance with the prescribed rules of engagement, resulting in the immobilization of the above vessel.

The 39-year-old foreign operator of the boat did not comply with the crew’s instructions, resisting, as a result of which he was stopped and arrested.

In the meantime, a second incident occurred in the same Gina region of Rhodes.

Fourteen (14) foreigners (8 men, 5 women, 1 girl) were located from land, all in good health, who were transferred to the Patrol Boat LS-EL.AKT and transported to the port of Rhodes.

The Central Port Authority of Rhodes, which is conducting the preliminary investigation, seized the above speedboat.

Morning hours yesterday, Patrol vessel L.S.-EL.AKT. spotted a high-speed inflatable boat in the “PEFKOUS” area of ​​Rhodes.

Officials of the relevant Port Authority rushed to the scene, where they identified a total of seventeen foreigners (17 men) and transported them safely to the port of Rhodes.

A preliminary investigation is being carried out by the Central Port Authority of Rhodes, while the above vessel was confiscated.