There are 6,764 citizens who have submitted definitive applications to the first aid platform for those affected by the floods, while 3,513 are temporary applications, as informed by the Deputy Minister of Climate Crisis and Civil Protection, Christos Triandopoulos.

In particular, these are applications:

• to cover household goods and basic necessities up to 6,600 euros.

• For first aid against housing assistance up to 10,000 euros.

• For first aid against the subsidy to businesses and livestock units up to 4,000 euros.

These applications come from the affected areas of all five prefectures.

At the same time, as the Deputy Minister pointed out, the process of autopsies and records is progressing by the levels of the General Secretariat for the Rehabilitation of Natural Disasters and State Aid, which are assisted by officers of the Greek Army and which, with the completion of today’s project, will have carried out approx. 7,000 autopsies and records in all prefectures.

“We note again that, at this stage, autopsies do not need to be done in the areas that have been characterized as completely flooded. There, the automated procedure for paying the financial support for household goods and basic needs is followed, where an autopsy is not required, and the application on the platform will not be necessary.

The officials of the Ministry of Climate Crisis and Civil Protection and the AADE are working for this automated process, so that those affected will receive the financial support they are entitled to immediately and soon – financial support that will also be received by the beneficiaries of all the areas affected by the floods” emphasized Mr. Triandopoulos and added that all those who have been affected, in all the affected areas will receive the planned financial assistance in all the affected areas of Thessaly.

At the same time, he emphasized that the process followed, through the digital background of AADE, is such that it ensures that the aid will be received by those who are entitled to it: “AADE, with which we have a very close cooperation, has designated special support offices in the Higher Education Institutions of Thessaly for the inclusion of those affected in the first aid platform. These offices, which are located within the Municipalities of the affected areas, can be addressed by those who are entitled to assistance from the digital platform and do not have access to the internet. As far as businesses are concerned, the work of the Region and the State Aid Committees is progressing. 877 autopsies have already been carried out out of the 3,300 applications and the work continues” noted Mr. Triandopoulos and added: “Just as the work of immediately restoring access to villages and areas continues, with the significant assistance of the Region and the Army where required ».

As far as PATHE is concerned, the Deputy Minister of Climate Crisis and Civil Protection said that there has been a significant receding of the waters and that the mechanism is working so that traffic will be restored in the next few hours.

“The work, therefore, continues every day at an unabated pace, for the restoration and support of Thessaly after this unprecedented natural disaster. And we continue,” concluded Mr. Triandopoulos.