With full equipment and based on strict health regulations, the removal of dead animals from the villages of Thessaly that were affected by the unprecedented bad weather Daniel. The order that has been given to the competent services by the government is that the preservation of public health was and remains the first priority, alongside the actions that are being developed to restore normalcy as quickly as possible in the affected areas.

With the special protective suits required by the health protocols, the crews tasked with carrying out this difficult procedure follow the planning made jointly by the veterinary service of Region of Thessalythe officials of the Ministry of Rural Development and the other relevant agencies.

A great solution to the problem was provided by the operation of the unit at the Larissa Biomedical Institute, which has the ability to handle 250 tons per 12 hours, which means 10,000 dead animals will be sent to incineration. The specific unit was opened yesterday at noon, as until then the height of the water in the area had made access impossible, thanks to the close cooperation of the Ministry of Rural Development and Food, the Region of Thessaly, the Fire Department and the EMAK.

In the effort to collect the dead animals, from today 40 members of the Armed Forces are contributing in the area of ​​Palamas, while the Ministry of Rural Development is calling on the municipalities of the area to participate in the effort.


Regarding the number of dead animals until today at noon, according to ELGA data, the situation was as follows for declared livestock losses:

– Sheep and goats: 61,786

– Cattle: 5,306

– Pigs: 19,355

– Birds: 123,810


However, the difficulty of access remains in many organized livestock facilities, even today, which creates a problem in the collection and management of dead animals. According to the same data, the special crews by noon had collected and managed:

– For sheep and goats, 27,436 dead animals

– For pigs, 10,103 dead animals

– For cattle, 44 dead animals

– For birds, 25,400 dead animals

At the same time, after the activation yesterday of the ELGA communication center for the affected farmers and breeders, the declarations about the damage to crop production quadrupled and from 300 that were yesterday at noon, they exceeded 1,250 today, while the declarations about the losses in livestock production exceeded 1,500.

The contact numbers of the ELGA service center: 2410 23 19 38, 2410 23 19 29, from 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. every day.