Apostolos Tsitsipas: “Tennis has become very popular in Greece”


Apostolos Tsitsipas spoke at the press conference about the matches between Greece and Slovakia in the Davis Cup, which will be held on the two days of September 16-17.

Stefanos’ father, who is the head of the Greek delegation, said that tennis has become very popular in Greece, while adding that what happened in Thessaly in the last few days remains on everyone’s mind.

His statements in detail:

“In my turn, let me welcome all the journalists, the people from the media who will cover this beautiful event. I would also like to welcome all the officials, the people who have helped to organize the event.

As Mr. Zannias also said, we have the obligation to carry out the event in Greece against Slovakia as normal, always keeping in mind what has happened in our country recently.

Our thoughts are there, we feel compassion for these people, and all children will try to compete in the tie as humbly as possible. I also want to say a few words about Slovakia, welcoming one of the most interesting teams in Europe.

They have perhaps the most tight-knit and consistent squad in Davis Cup competition, with high-level players. We want to wish them good luck, and that an impressive event will be held, that the matches will be beautiful with the participation of all the players.

The attendance of the people, as you also said, was great and honored the event at the Olympic Stadium, as it will be now. Tennis has become a very popular sport in Greece, and we are slowly acquiring its culture, with the state taking the right steps in this direction.

Also, the Federation is also working hard and synchronizing the same. As far as the National Tennis Center is concerned, I think that from time to time there have been attempts to implement such an initiative, now the conditions are more mature, although it is not that simple.

It is not simple because we need support beyond the state. We need sponsors, because tennis is a demanding sport. Large financial resources are needed to properly support the athletes. I think the sponsors are ready now, they know the requirements. With the promotion of the sport now, the conditions are ideal for something like this to happen soon.”

Regarding the absence of Stefanos Sakellaridis: “Because I have taken this issue personally, as I have done with all the athletes, to invite them to the National team.

I had several conversations with the family of Mr. Sakellaridis, the people responsible for his racing program, but unfortunately Stefanos Sakellaridis is now on racing activities in Asia.

He had arranged matches there, and apparently because he is doing well in the tournaments he competes in, he decided to extend his competitive activity in China, he will obviously not now have the opportunity to play in the National team matches.

I think Stefanos is currently on a competitive rise, we can’t blame him for anything. It was a personal decision. He is at a fairly young age, he is almost 19 years old, so we respect his decision, we wish him the best and in a future Davis Cup he will be with us I believe.”

On reuniting with his kids after the US Open: “It’s nice to meet your kids again in the Davis Cup team. After such a long trip to America and seeing that your children are progressing and can stand on their own makes me feel very proud and we will definitely fight together here to achieve our goal.

I think everything is fine, everything is going well and we will be ready to enjoy these moments. I would say my soul was with them at the US Open as well. Biologically I wasn’t there, but my love was there and that was enough.”

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