In the situation prevailing in Volthe one that received a strong blow from the bad weather Daniel was mentioned by the mayor of the city Achilleas Beos, speaking on the show “Today” on SKAI, saying that the electricity supply has been restored as well as the water supply.

Regarding the confrontation with the Deputy Minister of Health, Mrs. Agapidakis, regarding the suitability of the water, Mr. Beos said “the ministry follows protocol and it is respected, however, the municipality had received the analysis from DEYAB according to which it is chlorinated which makes it suitable for domestic use”.

He also mentioned that more than 12 km of network have been destroyed which was connected to the springs of the city and a huge effort is being made to restore it.

The mayor of Volos said that following the Prime Minister’s proposal, the damage to the network will be repaired by EYDAP, while a relevant contract will be signed in the coming days.

Regarding the intervention of the Supreme Court Achilleas Beos said that the municipality is being checked for two pumping stations that were damaged and this because, as he claimed, they received large volumes of water and mud

“I will contribute as much as possible and give whatever information they want. I hope that the investigation will not be time-barred”, he said and wondered “the investigation has excluded the mayor of Larissa. Because it is SYRIZA? -Which is not bad- or by mistake. I’m not saying he’s responsible. but he has to explain, as the biological was not working.

Mr. Beos also said that since 2017 he has sent 5 letters to the relevant ministries for the inclusion of Volos in the anti-flooding projects, while he said that until today, schools and kindergartens are operating in several inappropriate places, such as streams and rivers.

Asked about his critics, the mayor of Volos characteristically said: “I do what I feel and I express myself freely even if there is a camera” to add “I am real and people love me. What do you want me to be Kasselakis and speak in the plural and with a handkerchief around my neck?”