A strategic cooperation agreement between the French company Prométhée and the Greek TERRA SPATIUM, which are active in space technology with applications to better deal with natural disasters and strengthen the sovereignty of space media, was signed in the afternoon at the French embassy, ​​in the presence of Deputy Minister of Development Maximos Senetakis.

“Greece will have a great benefit in the prevention of disasters and information about agricultural crops, which will be taken by the decision-making centers”, said the president and managing director of TERRA SPATIUM Evangelos Veronikiatis to the Athens Agency, adding that we will be connected to all the authorities, the ministries and with those who request our assistance.

The president of the French Prometee, Olivier PIESPZ, said that the company has a lot of experience in services related to the environment, cities, agriculture and it is very interesting that “our data is taken by our partners almost in real time, while at the same time we are expanding our services in Greece, Cyprus and the Balkans”.

He also mentioned the benefits that Greece can obtain, as from this collaboration a Greek ecosystem can be developed alongside the new space ecosystem that is being developed in France so that Terra Spatium becomes the Prometee of Greece and in turn acquires its own microsatellites and its own data, strengthening its national sovereignty.

According to the announcement of the French embassy, ​​”this close cooperation will offer the partners important synergies in the context of European and international support in space means of sovereignty, with a vision of a more secure and sustainable planet”.

“The signing of the cooperation agreement between Prométhée and Terra Spatium will allow these two bodies of innovation and technological excellence, from France and Greece, to strengthen their capacities, for the benefit of the fight against the effects of climate deregulation and with aimed at improving civil protection capabilities to deal with natural disasters – thanks to prevention and early warning tools. The development of such technologies becomes particularly important, as demonstrated by the forest fires and floods of the summer of 2023.