The voluntary offer of the personnel of the Armed Forces, which was organized following the orders of the head of the General Directorate of Defense, General Konstantinos Floros, under the coordination of the Directorate of Defense Forces, ended today, Saturday, September 16.

As announced in this regard, the first aid items are being transported to appropriately designed areas at the headquarters of the 1st Army.

The Armed Forces, the statement added, have stood by the side of our fellow citizens from the first moment who are being tested by the effects of the unprecedented bad weather that hit the wider area of ​​Thessaly, assisting with personnel, means and materials in the relief of those affected.

Specifically, they gathered:

– One hundred and twenty tons of voluntary supply of basic necessities (clothing, footwear, bedding, packaged food) of the Armed Forces personnel.

– One hundred and ten tons of corresponding essential items from the reserves of units and formations of the Armed Forces from all over the territory.

Through the 1st Army, the quantities will be forwarded to the competent levels of the Region of Thessaly and then, with their care, they will be distributed to the residents affected by the flooding.

The immediate awareness and mobilization of the Armed Forces through the selfless offer to fellow human beings, is proof of the high sense of altruism that characterizes the entire personnel of the Armed Forces, the announcement emphasizes.

The Armed Forces, in addition to their mission and work being carried out in full, will continue, as they always do throughout time, to stand by the side of Greek society when there is a need, the announcement concludes.