Measures to strengthen public security were announced by Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis from the Vellideo conference center, in the context of the 87th International Exhibition of Thessaloniki.

Mr. Mitsotakis noted that we now have the Recovery Fund and the investment tier that the government achieved.

“The next four years will be a period of investment in the future of the country, in the creation of wealth. Be aware that the government will be automatically targeted for any failure for a long time to come. Let those who criticize give a little thought to those in the arena. Let the various uninvited firemen of the couch, the reformers of the lentil see it,” he said, among other things.

“I have a mandate of major reforms and I am doing them,” he said, noting that already 50% of the government’s economic program has been implemented.

Measures to strengthen public health

– 800 new ambulances and new ambulances

– Establishment of a single coordination center in each Region of the country

– Creation of a “Control Tower”, so that the immediate response of EKAB in the cities reaches 10 minutes

– 6 bases of medical helicopters for transports from remote places.

– Upgrade of Emergency Departments of 96 hospitals and 156 Health Centers

– Recruitment of 10,000 new health workers

– Extension of free preventive examinations

– 4 new hospitals