Residents and organizations of Sitia will take to the streets on Monday to protest the understaffing and degradation of Sitia Hospital.

At 5 pm they proceed to blocking the highway (BOAK) and at a protest rally in Sitia at 6:30 p.m.

In fact, by decision of the mayor Mr. Giorgos Zervakis tprimary and secondary schools of the Municipality of Sitia will remain closed on Monday, September 18, as participation in protest events.

In a related announcement, the Municipality states “We invite all fellow citizens to participate actively and dynamically, demanding the full staffing of all clinics and the restoration of the proper functioning of Sitia Hospital.
The events are organized by a coordinating committee.
Everyone’s presence is mandatory.”

Professionals from the area also participate in the mobilization, among them the Association of Catering and Entertainment Shops of the Municipality of Sitia. In the relevant announcement of the association, it is pointed out that restaurants, cafes, bars, taverns and delivery shops in the District of Sitia will be closed.