Mr. George Sayianos, president of the European school of Benghazi on the SKAI show, “Mismatches”.

As Mr. Sayianos said yesterday morning at 10, the C-130 arrived in Libya with the consul general, Stavros Venizelos, the three translators, two of whom are children of the president of the Greek community and a child from a mixed family as well as 15 mission members.

Then, he said, the container with the aid, a new bus with the members of the mission and two army vehicles for escort left the airport for the city of Derna. According to Mr. Sayanou, due to the fact that the national road in Libya has been destroyed, the members of the Greek mission were forced to pass through mountains and villages. In the village of Marawa, around 2:30 in the afternoon, a car carrying a family from Libya was traveling in the opposite direction, colliding with the bus and causing a fire.

As Mr. Sayanos said, the family traveling in the passenger vehicle was charred as well as the five people who were in the front left of the bus. “It was an accident,” he said.