They were arrested in the context of the automatic procedure, early hours yesterday (17/9) at Nea Ionia, by police officers of the DI.AS Team. of the Direct Action Directorate, six people (aged 15 to 19) and a case was filed against them for bodily harm by complicity and insult.

In particular, the accused who were outside the ISAP “Pefkakia” station in Nea Ionia in the early morning hours yesterday, addressed abusive expressions against a 45-year-old man who was at the scene and then attacked him by throwing stones, causing injury to his limbs.

The 45-year-old called the Immediate Action Center and after mobilizing the patrolling forces to search for the perpetrators of the attack, he was located by the DIAS Team. the car, in which the six defendants were riding.

During the search of the people, it was determined that the driver of the car was 16 years old and he was arrested for having a suspended driver’s license.
Subsequently, they were taken to the Security Department of Nea Ionia, where they were identified as the perpetrators of the above crimes.

As it emerged from the identification process of the accused, the 19-year-old lacked the necessary legalization documents for his stay in the country and the administrative deportation procedure was applied.

In addition to, the parents of the five minors were located and arrested for neglecting their supervision.

The young people arrested were taken to the competent Prosecutor’s Office.