He finished his testimony before the Supreme Court Prosecutor Georgia Adeilinis the president of the “Spartiates” party Vasilis Stigas.

His testimony lasted four and a half hours and repeated his complaints of extortion, as he himself stated, while pointing out that is “in absolute sync with the MPs, with all the MPs except Mr. Floros”.

The president of the “Spartians”, coming out of the Supreme Court, said in a statement:

“Today I completed my statement to the prosecutor, I boldly answered all the questions. I believe that I did not leave any gaps and from then on it is her decision whether to continue or whether to stop the case here.”

Then, cheating on journalists’ questions, he said:

Question: Did you repeat your public complaints of extortion?

ANSWER: In fact, I repeated them, I would not like to say at this moment if I named persons and whom I named. The prosecutor will see to that.

QUESTION: As for the allegations that some went to get their hands on the government grant?

ANSWER: I went a little further, anyway it’s all together…

QUESTION: Did you provide any information?

ANSWER: Some tried with their behavior to do not only this, but also other things.

Question: Do you currently feel threatened and blackmailed?

ANSWER: No, I do not feel, I do not know if it is over, but I believe that all these things are over. I am in absolute sync with the deputies, with all the deputies except for Mr. Floros who has distanced himself and become independent.

Question: Does Ilias Kasidiaris play a role in all this?

ANSWER: The public prosecutor will tell you what conclusion she will make.