Him death 20-year probationary master of the merchant marine announced the Headquarters of the Coast Guard – Hellenic Coast Guard. The girl, originally from Kos, where she will be buried tomorrow, Wednesday, had completed the first year of her studies at the Academy of the Merchant Marine – School of Captains in Kalymnos, she had signed on for an educational trip. From the moment she fell ill, the process for her return to Greece was initiated and according to the information transmitted by the local media of Kos, she was beaten by her father from Antwerp and was then hospitalized in Athens, where she breathed her last.

As stated in the statement of the Coast Guard, on Sunday (17/9/2023) the Headquarters of the Coast Guard-Hellenic Coast Guard was informed by the ship-owning company, regarding the illness of a 20-year-old seaman (Professional Master), crew member of a Greek-flagged tanker, who had been chartered for the execution of the educational voyage.

The girl fell ill after the tanker sailed from the port of Sikka, India, as a result of which it was disembarked at the port of Suez, Egypt. The 20-year-old cadet was repatriated on September 2 by the company’s care along with a medical escort, transferred to a private clinic in Attica and then to a hospital, where she died on Sunday September 17.

A preliminary investigation is being conducted for the case.