An amount of 100,000 euros will be allocated from the tickets of the 87th Thessaloniki International Exhibition (TIF) for those affected by the catastrophic floods in Thessaly and the fires in Evros, following the commitment of the organizers to allocate part of the event’s revenue to the flood and fire victims .

The total attendance of this year’s TIF was 123,864 visitors and was affected both by the difficulty of access – to the International Exhibition Center of Thessaloniki – for visitors from many regions of the country, and by the wider situation, which prevailed during the days of the event.

“However, with 1,500 exhibitors, 18 international participations, honored country Bulgaria, 382 small and medium-sized enterprises through 49 chambers and nine thematic tributes, the 87th TIF from September 9 to 17 was the focus of the domestic political and economic scene” is underlined in today’s announcement of of the organizing company, TEF-HELEXPO SA, which points out that the commercial and business part of the exhibition was successfully organized and characterized by many interesting meetings between Greek and Bulgarian companies.

The participation of the honored country, Bulgaria, consisted of 60 companies, coming from sectors such as energy, circular economy, industry, innovation-technology, food, transport-logistics, cosmetics, tourism, primary sector , packaging and services at stand 13. The interest of Bulgarian companies in TIF was “translated” in their meetings with Greek companies, which are estimated to have exceeded 1,000, under the organizational responsibility of the exhibition organizer and the Association of Greek Industries (SBE ). At the same time, the institutional representation of Bulgarian participation was at the highest possible level, as the 87th TIF was attended by the Bulgarian President, the Bulgarian Prime Minister and many members of the Bulgarian government’s cabinet. The Bulgarian presence was accompanied by a number of parallel events, with culture at the forefront.

Impressive and representative of the domestic business development was the participation of the Central Union of Chambers of Greece, with 49 chambers and 382 small and medium enterprises from the whole country. Four chambers took part with separate participations, the Professional Chamber of Thessaloniki, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Thessaloniki, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Athens and the Industrial Chamber of Thessaloniki (BETH). The BETH, in fact, organized for the first time a special thematic section on clothing, footwear and accessories, at stand 16, Thessfashion, in which big names in fashion and a total of 40 companies participated.

The 87th TIF also recorded a first, as it hosted the special exhibition “Thessaloniki through the collections” with collections of well-known collectors on the theme of Thessaloniki and its monuments. This exhibition event was organized by TIF-HELEXPO in collaboration with the company MC Salonica, while the last four days of the 87th TIF and the 2nd Collectors EXPO 2023 took place in the same place with the aim of exchanging and promoting collections and objects from dealers and collectors.

In the meantime, the “TIF 5X5 Football Tournament” will evolve into an institution that will make its presence felt every year at the TIF, with a timeless and central slogan “No to violence”. In the last match of the tournament, the TIF-HELEXPO team competed against the team of the honored country Bulgaria. The leader of the Greek team was the president of TIF-HELEXPO, Tassos Tzikas, and the Bulgarian team was led by the Deputy Minister of Economy and Industry of Bulgaria, Nikolay Pavlov. In the tournament, which was held under the auspices of the Ministry of Education, Religions and Sports and was organized in collaboration with A.S. Panorama, included matches between academies of Thessaloniki with children aged 8-12 years, matches between journalists and artists, directors, operators of Thessaloniki, matches of veteran football players of the Thessaloniki teams (PAOK-Aris-Iraklis-Apollon Kalamaria) etc.

The great cultural tribute for the 100th anniversary of the birth of Maria Callas was also successfully held, under the auspices of the National Council of Greek Women and the support of TIF-HELEXPO. The tribute to Maria Callas “LIFE LIKE A FAIRY TALE” was edited and presented by the artist Marina Petri. The reference point of the parallel events of the 87th TIF was the Music Events Live, where every day “protagonists” were great hits and top names of the domestic music scene.

“The 87th TIF included dozens more interesting, business, scientific, entertainment and educational events. In fact, the operation of the HELEXPO App was launched, a useful tool in order for visitors to be perfectly coordinated with what is happening at the Exhibition. The application is an initiative of the Ministry of Digital Governance. The 87th TIF maintained, like the rest of the TIF-HELEXPO exhibitions, its “green” character and following last year’s cooperation with AMKE CIGARET CYCLE, the recycling of cigarette butts was implemented through the placement of 30 recycling bins in the exhibition center. A total of 40,000 recycled cigarette butts were collected, while the resulting recycling product is equivalent to 8.8 kg of composted compost, 30.8 kg of industrial plastic and 280 cubic meters of fresh or salt water saved from pollution. The 87th TIF was also included in the TIF-HELEXPO initiative, Zero Waste Expo, with recycling in 20 points within the exhibition center of organic, recyclable and non-recyclable waste” concludes the announcement.

The 87th TIF was under the auspices of the Ministry of the Interior (Macedonia-Thrace) and the Region of Central Macedonia._