AEK: The instructions to her friends who will be in Brighton


Detailed instructions ahead of the match with Brighton gave by AEK.

Addressing the friends of the group who will travel to England for the first match of his groups Europa Leaguethe yellow and black PAE pointed out what they should necessarily to know.

The relative announcement states:

“THE PAE AEK informs that our fans, who have purchased a ticket for the match against Brighton in England on Thursday (21/9) from the special platform of the PAE, will receive it today (19/9) electronics their tickets.

Those of our sports fans who have declared their presence at the stadium through her club Original 21 in Londonwill collect their tickets from the club’s representatives in London and Brighton.

We are also calling on our fans who will be in Brighton to donate very careful in the information that follows. We note that the times that will be mentioned are self-explanatory English hours.

The local authorities require all AEK fans who will be at the stadium to use a coach that will start outside the pub The King and Queen, 13-17 Marlborough Place, Brighton BN1 1UB. The coaches will take AEK fans directly to the stadium.

The specific point is the meeting point (meeting point) for AEK fans who will go to the stadium. It will be open for AEK fans from 12 noon, while the buses will start taking them to the stadium from 17.45.

The King and Queen pub will be serving food and drinks and will be exclusively open for AEK’s friends, until they leave for the stadium. The police will be there at all hours.

Coaches will go to the stadium in multiple convoys, with police escort. Fans should be at the point before 17.45 when their transport will start. Transportation to the stadium will take approximately 30 minutes.

The tickets of AEK fans will be checked before boarding the buses.

Attention: For serious security reasons, AEK fans who are ticket holders should not use alternative ways going to the stadium!

AEK fans should after the end of the match for at least 30 minutes to remain in their positions for safety reasons. During this time they will normally have access to toilets, food and drink from canteens that will be available to them throughout their stay at the stadium.

AEK fans are requested to be patient until they are given permission to leave. Please note that in the canteens, payments are made only through card.

After their departure it will be followed exactly the same process with which they will have previously come to the field and return to the original meeting point.

AEK fans who intend to carry banners onto the stadium should know that it is mandatory to have certificate how the banner is made of non-flammable material.

Otherwise, they cannot put it on the field. It is also forbidden to have banners with political or racist content. They are also not allowed drums.

Thank you in advance for the cooperation your”.

Source: Sport Fm

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