An order to investigate the circumstances of the traffic accident that cost the lives of soldiers and civilians who participated in a humanitarian mission in Libya, was given by the Primary Prosecutor’s Office to the Police.

By order to the Sub-Directorate for the Prosecution of Crimes Against Life and Property, the Prosecutor’s Office requests that the traffic accident be examined as part of a preliminary investigation, in order to ascertain whether any criminal acts have been committed. The prosecutor’s order mentions indicative offenses such as those involving serial homicide and serial bodily harm with intent or negligence.

GEETHA: The executives who lost their lives in Libya

The details of officers of the Armed Forces, members of the Hellenic Humanitarian Aid Mission in Libya where they died in a car accidentreleased the GEETHA.

After identification of the bodies, it was found that the fatally injured are:

  • The Vice Captain (YN) PN of the Directorate of Health of the GEETHA.
  • The Head of Department Evangelia Andreadakis of the Health Directorate of GEETHA
  • Sergeant Major (PZ) George Voulgaris of the Special Warfare Command of the GEETHA.

Evangelia Andreadakis

George Voulgaris

GEETHA expresses its sincere condolences to their families.

At the same time, the GEETHA emphasizes that the repatriation of the bodies of the Armed Forces executives has been completed and that the causes and circumstances of the accident are being competently investigated.