Tomorrow will be a day of absolute suffering and chaos for Athens, due to the consequences of the 24-hour strike declared by the unions for the new labor bill.

Teachers and professors, sailors, doctors and nurses of public hospitals are participating in the strike.

The big problem, however, is created by the circulation of Mass Transportation, whose mobilizations were deemed illegal.

So, according to the new data, mass media in Athens will move as follows:

– The buses will run normally, as announced by OASA, however, any worker who wishes will be able to participate in the EKA strike, which is legal.

-The Metro, specifically lines 2 and 3, will operate from the start of the shift until 1:30 p.m. However, those workers who wish can participate in the EKA strike.

-The Tram will also operate from the start of traffic until 13:30

-Electrikos, i.e. Metro line 1, will not operate from the start of traffic

-As for Trolleys, the case is heard on Thursday morning and therefore, until the decision is announced, there will be no trolleys in Athens

-On the Suburban train there will be a work stoppage from 21:00 to midnight on Thursday.

Employees of the Thessaloniki Urban Transport Organization (OASTH) will also stage a work stoppage. In the co-capital, buses will “apply the parking brake” from the start of the shift to 8:00 and from 21:00 to the end of the shift.

Teachers – Professors

The teachers and professors, as announced by their unions, will participate in Thursday’s ADEDY strike, reacting to the new labor bill.

As stated in an announcement by OLME:

“the Executive Committee of A.D.E.D.Y. decided to declare a 24-hour Pan-Hellenic Strike on Thursday, September 21, against the government’s new anti-labor bill.

We demand his withdrawal and call on workers to take part in the rallies that are taking place on the same day across the country.

OLME calls for the protest gathering of ADEDY in Klathmonos Square, at 10.30 am.”

The Federation of Private Educational Officers of Greece (OIELE) by unanimous decision of the Board of Directors. announces a 24-hour strike of private primary and secondary education teachers, tutoring schools, foreign language centers and IEK, for Thursday, September 21, 2023, with the main demand being the withdrawal of the draft law of the Ministry of Labor which is introduced for a vote in the Plenary of the Parliament on that day “A draft law that “complements” the provisions of the Hatzidakis Law, but adds a nightmarish dimension. The change of paradigm, not only for work, but for our lives” states the relevant announcement.

Doctors and nurses

Thursday will also be difficult for patients in hospitals.

With its announcement, the Athens-Piraeus Hospital Physicians Union (EINAP) states that “it will participate in the 24-hour nationwide strike on Thursday 21/09/23 that ADEDY has announced, and in the gathering of the unions at 10:30 in the Syntagma, and it covers all the colleagues who want to participate”.

POEDIN, by decision of the General Council, “announces a 24-hour nationwide strike for Thursday 9/21/2023, the day of the submission to the Parliament of the anti-labor bill with a request for its withdrawal. The demands are to withdraw the labor bill, to extend the contracts of the 2,000 workers in the hospitals through DYPA and to remove wherever the contractors are in the NSS with the ongoing tenders costing much more money and offering working conditions of the Middle Ages”.

Merchant Marine Association

On the same wavelength is the announcement of the Federation of Associations of Hospital Doctors of Greece (OENGE) which states: “Now withdraw the new anti-labor law that abolishes the five-day and 8-hour day, legislating the right for employers to wean employees for as long as they want, when and whenever they want! Today there are all the possibilities and conditions for a significant reduction in working hours. Our request for 30 hours, 6 hours, five days, 1 active shift per week, and a day off after each active shift, can be accommodated.”

Flights will operate as normal

The strike of the Union of Air Traffic Controllers of Greece (EEEKE), who had announced that they would participate in the 24-hour strike, was deemed illegal and abusive.

Therefore, the flights to and from the Greek airports will normally take place after the decision of the Athens Court of First Instance, which deemed their declared strike illegal and abusive.