The area of ​​Kryas Iteon rose to its feet on Saturday night when the Police (the Narcotics Prosecution Department of the Patras Security Sub-Directorate) organized in a highly professional manner the operation for the arrest of the members of an organization that trafficked drugs in Patra and, according to information, he was preparing to spread coke and heroin in shops and hangouts in the city.

The raid took place in a house in the area, where a well-known family of Patrinas lives, and they arrested father son and uncle with the latter being “identified” as the “brain” of the spiral. A little later, another young man, also known from the night scene, a friend of the family’s son, fell into the police’s net.
A criminal case was filed against the remaining three, for drug trafficking and forming a gang. According to the official announcement of ELAS, the three arrested are members of a gang with a specific structure, hierarchy, distinct roles and methodology and were trafficking quantities of cocaine, cannabis and heroin in Patras.

The men maintained a fenced field not far from their house, with an entrance secured by a padlock, inside which there was a chicken coop, which they used as a place to store the narcotics.

On a daily basis, they would enter the coop, take the quantities they needed, weigh the… “orders” and sell them to their customers. When the police arrived at the scene, they found two of the three arrested coming out of the field and during a check they found 1,040 grams of cocaine, 36 grams of heroin, 12.7 grams of cocaine in nylon packages, which one of them even threw on the ground .

In addition, officers located and seized 538 grams of cannabis buried in the ground inside the chicken coop.

Almost at the same time they also arrested the young man’s uncle, “leader” of the gang, and in a physical search of him, 1,450 euros and a mobile phone were found and confiscated.

In the searches that followed in the homes of the arrested. the police found and confiscated the following: 20.9 grams of cannabis, two precision scales, two motorcycles worth 260 euros.

The illegal financial benefit that those arrested would obtain from drug trafficking amounts to up to 143,990 euros. Today they are expected to be taken to the public prosecutor and it is rumored that pre-trial detention is imminent. Reports state that the “uncle” is expected to declare that he is responsible for everything and that his brother and nephew were not related.

The son had been employed by ELAS in the past, being involved in circuits at night.