Today, Tuesday, September 26, is the metastasis of the evangelist John the Theologian, Saint and righteous Gideon.

There is no household name celebrating today.

John the Evangelist

John the Evangelist, or Saint John the Theologian, was traditionally Christ’s favorite disciple. He is the author of the New Testament book of the same name and one of the four Evangelists.

John wrote the fourth Gospel, which was characterized as the “Spiritual Gospel” and for this reason he is also called “Theologian”. He taught in Asia Minor and Greece. He died in Ephesus, Asia Minor. He was exiled together with other Christians to Patmos under Emperor Domitian.

He also wrote the famous Apocalypse on the island. Although in the Apocrypha the Shepherd of Hermas distinguishes the Evangelist from the author of the Apocalypse. The former handles the Greek language much better while the latter is distinguished by eastern influences

Many were of the opinion that John did not die, but was transferred to the next life, like Enoch and Elijah.

The tradition embraced by our Church is as follows: John died in old age in Ephesus and was buried outside it. But after a few days, when his disciples visited the tomb, they found it empty. Our Church, therefore, accepts that the same thing happened to the Lord’s beloved disciple as it did to His Holy Mother. That is, John did die and was buried, but after three days he was resurrected and passed into eternal life.

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