The streets of Trikala turned into rivers once again after the passage of bad weather Elias, while severe damage was also caused by the intense hailstorm in Achaia.

According to, Kalambakas Street from the height of “SKLAVENITIS” and below has turned into a lake (… the third time in 4 months) as a result of which drivers are trapped looking for escape routes.


A problem also occurred on Patoulias Street. Speaking to, residents are asking for the intervention of the competent bodies for rubble that was used to reinforce the river bed.


Concretely, on Patoulias Street (Agisilaou Zafolia and Laodiceias corner), concrete blocks were thrown to strengthen the riverbed, but cutting off the rainwater from going to the river, resulting in flooding of the entire area. The residents emphasize that a bulldozer must go immediately to open a passage in the waters.


The severity of the bad weather also affected the residents in the area of ​​Mavili in Trikala.


The situation is also difficult in the settlement of Trikki, with the residents trying all night to prevent the water from entering the houses in the area again, according to With the assistance of municipal services, among them the municipal police, sandbags were placed on the streets in front of the houses while the residents moved their cars to higher places.


Big problems also in the mountains of Trikala

Problems were also presented in the mountains of the Municipalities of Pyli and Meteora as many rock and soil falls have occurred.

As the deputy governor of Trikala, Chr., told trikaladay. Michalakis, today’s rainfall caused problems in the mountainous road network of the prefecture due to landslides.

The district machines are working but the problem is quite severe.

On the contrary, in the lowlands of the prefecture, the water level of the rivers is within normal limits and for the moment no serious problems have been caused, except for some flooded roads and undergrounds.

Dramatic images from Farkadona

Again hit by bad weather and they are local residents Farkadonas. With the first rain, the roads turned into rivers of mud while they drag everything they can find in their path from the damaged things of the houses that were gathered in heaps in various places in the area.

Photos: trikalanews/ Thanasis Merivakis


Great damage in Achaia from the hailstorm

However, the weather conditions were severe in Achaia as well, with very strong hail causing problems.

The hailstorm in Kleitoria Kalavryton caused damage to houses and cars as well as to crops.


The Patras-Corinthian highway was closed due to a landslide in Aegio due to the heavy rain.

Cletoria of Achaia


112 rang in Xylokastro with those in the area receiving a warning message around 9pm on Monday night for hail and thunderstorms due to severe weather Elias.

“Limit movements during the phenomena and follow the instructions of the Authorities” says the message from 112.

The Fire Service received more than 15 phone calls for assistance and pumping water, according to tempo24. In several areas, hail also fell and it is assumed that there has been serious damage to crops and trees. The lightning discharges also caused fires.

According to the Fire Coordinator, 3 palm trees were burned in the courtyard of a house in Kiato, Sikyonia municipality. A fire – probably caused by lightning – broke out near the junction of Ancient Corinth, without any unpleasant developments.

The entire Fire Brigade, the Greek Police, the municipalities and the Region are on heightened alert, since the weather phenomenon will continue in the next few hours.