There are quite a few problems that the bad weather has caused Elias to Trikala, Achaia and Ioannina.

The heavy rainfall caused problems in some districts of Trikala, such as in Patoulias and Kalambakas streets, with the streets turning into rivers again, while cars were stopped.

As the mayor of Trikkaia, Nikos Sakkas, told the Athenian-Macedonian News Agency, “the amount of rain that fell in a short time was large in volume, but we responded immediately and effectively.” Mr. Sakkas added that today the city operates without any problems.


At this time, there is also a rise in the level of the Litheos river that crosses the city but without much concern. There is a lot of water coming mainly from the area of ​​Hasia, but the good thing is that now the strong storm that hit the wider area for a long time yesterday has stopped.

See the video and photos from the old KTEL bridge recorded by Nikos Salepis for


The situation in the road network of Trikala

There are also problems with the county’s road network. The General Regional Police Directorate of Thessaly announces that, due to the adverse weather conditions and the rainfall in various parts of the road network of the territorial jurisdiction of P.E. Trikala, the traffic of all vehicles is temporarily prohibited:

  • from 4The km of the Pylis-Mesochora provincial road up to 55The km from it (borders of the prefecture of Trikala with the prefecture of Arta) &
  • in the Saragion underpass.

In addition, traffic bans are still in effect on the following streets and points:

  • Provincial road network D.E. Aspropotamos, Kastania & Kleinovo Municipality of Meteora,
  • Keramidu – Larisa provincial road,
  • Kalambakas – Kryas Vrysis provincial road, at the height of the “Diavas” Bridge,
  • Provincial road Trikalon – Kato Elatis, at the height of the Bridge P.K. Valomandriou &
  • Pedestrian bridges of “Agios Konstantinos”, “Peleki” or “Agios Stefanos” and “Koutsomilion” in the city of Trikala.

Problems in the highlands of Ioannina from bad weather

Also, the bad weather created problems in the provincial mountain network of Epirus. Brought materials, rockfalls and small landslides are noted in the mountainous villages of Konitsa, Eastern Zagori, Metsovo and Tzoumerka.

According to the Civil Protection of the Epirus Region, since dawn 15 machines of the service have been working feverishly to clean the streets.

According to the EMY, heavy rainfall is expected to hit the areas of Arta and Preveza at noon and Civil Protection is on alert.

The National Road of Patras – Corinth is closed at the height of Eleonas

By detouring the traffic flow towards Patras, traffic continues on a section of the Patras-Athens highway, at the height of Aegialia, in the direction of Athens, which has been closed since yesterday afternoon, due to mudflows and material brought from burned areas.


In particular, according to “Olympia Odos”, the traffic of vehicles towards Athens is conducted through a detour in the opposite direction, from the Eleonas toll station at the 163.5th kilometer, to the 160.6th kilometer.

At the same time, “Olympia Odou” crews are continuing the cleaning and restoration work in the water drainage channels and wells.

Damage to houses and cars from the hailstorm in Achaia

The incredible hail that occurred in the area of ​​Kalavryta yesterday afternoon caused serious damage to houses and cars. The hail reached the size of a ping pong ball in the area of ​​Kryoneri Kalavryton

Photographs from tempo24 are typical of the extensive damage caused to homes and cars.