THE large-scale national interdisciplinary exercise “Parmenion – 23” will be held from tomorrow, Wednesday, September 27, until Wednesday, October 4, 2023, in the entire area of ​​responsibility of the head of GEETHA.

As announced by the General Staff, yesterday, the initial briefing of the exercise took place in the “Commander (I) Dimitrios Kaberos” auditorium, in the presence of the General of the General Staff Constantinos Floros and the Chiefs of the General Staff, Vice Admiral (I) Themistocles Bourolias, Chief of the General Staff, Deputy General Angelou Houdeloudis, Chief of General Staff and Vice-Admiral Ioannis Drymousis, Chief of General Staff.

The exercise was designed and managed by GEETHA. During the briefing, the tactical framework and the general planning of its conduct were presented.

The GEETHA leader gave directions for the successful and safe conduct of the exercise, giving particular importance to the conclusions and lessons learned from previous exercises and to the realistic treatment of pre-planned and emergency incidents of the exercise in accordance with the applicable procedures.

In the exercise which is carried out on a 24-hour basis, in addition to the General Staff, the major administrations, the formations and units, the Security Forces as well as the bodies of the Civil Sector participate to the extent required according to the plan.

The main objectives of the exercise, according to the announcement, were defined as:

● The adaptation of business planning to the situation shaped by international developments in the immediate and wider environment of our country.

● Practicing the design and conduct of cross-industry operations in accordance with the Doctrine of Cross-industry Operations.

● The implementation of the procedures of the Crisis Management System and the National Alert System, as well as the corresponding Pallaic Defense Alert System – Political Emergency Planning of the GEETHA.

● The promotion of cooperation and coordination between the Branches of the Armed Forces, the bodies of the Civil Sector and the Security Forces during the implementation of the National Plans.