On the lookout, while maintaining the appropriate composure, are the inhabitants of Palamasafter what has been disastrously experienced with the bad weather Daniel in the last days, and in view of the advance of of new bad weather “Elias”. As the president of the Palama Local Community Mr. Dimitris Tsigardas emphasizes to the Athenian-Macedonian News Agency, the situation so far is milder and calmer compared to the bad weather Daniel, during which the Municipality of Palama had the most problems with incalculable disasters, as received the largest volume of rain.

It should be noted that the local coordinating body of the Municipality of Palamas, as announced, met and determined the gathering places for the residents of each community for the possibility of flooding. It was decided that if the evacuation of settlement/s is required due to serious flooding phenomena, as many citizens as possible should be accommodated in the highest houses and the rest should leave their homes in the predetermined positions that exist in each community.