THE northern Evia, Phocis, Corinthia, and Fthiotida are tested by bad weather Elias with the fire department receiving calls to pump out water from flooded homes. In the focus is Mantoudi of Evia, which receives high levels of water, while the village of Derveni has been blocked due to landslides. Barrages of messages were sent from yesterday by 112 even in Attica. An alarm has been raised for the Authorities and for the level of the Sperchios river where measurements are continuously made.

In particular, today a message has been sent from 112 to Sotirion of Larissa for evacuation to Larissa and warning messages to Armeni of Larissa and Mantoudi of Evia

Shortly after 16.00 on Wednesday afternoon, the residents of Sotirio of Larissa were called by a message from 112 to move towards Larissa via the Old National Road of Larissa – Volos due to intense flooding.

Reinforced with special teams (EMODE, EMAK) from Thessaly and Central Greece are all the forces of the Fire Brigade of northern Evia. All the forces of the Fire Department of northern Evia have been operating since the morning in the northern part of the island which is affected by severe weather phenomena.

Alongside the Minister of Climate Crisis and Civil Protection, Vassilis Kikilias, has moved to North Evia.

Where necessary, members of the Fire Department are transporting citizens from flooded outdoor areas and houses to safe places, while at the same time pumping out water.

More specifically, in northern Evia they operate 28 vehicles with 50 firefighters, 2 EMODE teams, a team of the 7th EMAK with all the necessary equipment and 1 tank.

The works carried out in the village of Derveni after the landslides:


According to the situation is dramatic in the village of Kymasi in North Eviawhere after from overflow of the Kymasiotis river everything in the village was flooded and people climbed onto the roof to save themselves.

Speaking to, a resident of the area said, “The situation in the village is tragic, everything has been flooded by the river. I managed and left my house, but my neighbor, who is also elderly, did not have time to leave, her house was flooded and to save herself she climbed onto the roof of her house. Until now, no one has appeared in Kymasi, they have left us at the mercy of destruction as in the previous floods”.

Just after 10 am a warning message was sent by 112 for dangerous weather phenomena (severe storms, hail) at Mantoudi of Evia warning residents of the risk of overflowing streams.

Residents were asked to limit movement during the phenomena & follow the instructions of the Authorities.

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🆘 Warning message for dangerous weather phenomena (severe storms, hail) in your area. Risk of overflowing streams

‼️ Limit your movements during the phenomena & follow the…

— 112 Greece (@112Greece) September 27, 2023

In fact, according to evima, volthe water in Mantoudi has reached one meterwith residents reporting how there are huge problems in Rovies, as the river that runs through the village swelled resulting in several houses being flooded.

Reader video from Lake Evia

Schools in the municipalities of Mantoudi, Eretria, Chalkidea and Dirfon-Messapia remain closed with a decision taken on Tuesday.

The effects are particularly intense as well in Istiaia and the wider area where landslides have occurred on a small scale, while the fire department is called to remove uprooted trees.

Alert for the Kirea river

An alarm has been raised in the last few hours by the authorities for the Kirea river, according to evima. Since last night, it has received huge amounts of water, as a result of which various flooding phenomena have already occurred in the area. At this time, the flood zones of the river have also filled with water.

Serious problems also in Pefki of Evia

Serious problems are recorded at this time and in Pefki of North Evia. Floods have overflowed, have passed through the settlement with the consequence that several people remain trapped. Firefighters are already trying to evacuate people and take them to safe places, dozens of houses have been flooded, as well as trees that have fallen from the strong winds.

In the last hour a family is trapped in a caravan where the water has risen dangerously and an operation is developed by the firefighters to take them to a safe place.

It is worth noting that the meteorological station in Istiaia has so far recorded a rainfall of 155 cubic meters per hectare..

Northern Evia cut in two

According to evima, Northern Evia has been cut in two as the road to Derveni was closed due to landslides. A team of the fire department, the police and machines from the region of Sterea Hellas are going to the village to free residents.

Firefighters and rescue crews are rushing to deal with the situation, as several residents are trapped and trying to leave their homes.

Problems in the road network

Problems have also been created in the road network, with roads closed, while machines are trying to restore traffic.

Larissa: The mechanism is on alert for flooding in Armenio and Sotirio of the Kilelere Municipality

On alert just in case it is the competent services of the Region of Thessaly in the area of ​​Killeler mainly in the area of ​​Armenios and Sotiriouwhere the rainwater descends from the Guspantaniotis stream and is led to the other streams in the area.

Shortly after 16:00 on Wednesday afternoon, the residents of Sotirio in Larissa were called by a message from 112 to move towards Larissa via the Larissa – Volos highway due to intense flooding.

Residents worry that the impetuousness of the waters may cause problems in the infrastructure of the main current and there may be floods in the villages of Armenio and Sotirio.

On the spot the past few days they attempted machines of the Region of Thessalywhere, in collaboration with Dimyos Kileler’s crews, they proceeded to restore the infrastructure of the central stream that had been damaged by the previous floods.

In Armeni and Sotirio called 112 at noon on Wednesday informing residents of the extreme weather.

The competent agencies in the prefecture of Larissa are on alert today for the new bad weather

On alert just in case the bad weather to take bad proportions are all the agencies involvedas the bad weather ELIAS has already hit the area of ​​the prefecture of Larissa.

The course of the new phenomenon so far has not caused concernbut since the early hours of the morning and yesterday, the municipalities of the prefecture and the Region of Thessaly, continue to coordinate their forces and focus on the design of the embankments in dangerous places, despite the fact that the phenomenon has not been very intense until today and has not cause serious problems.

Fire departments have been put on high alert. In the area are located and operating 650 firefighters and 140 Fire Service vehicles

The same time the operation of schools in Thessaly has been suspended until Wednesday.

It is noted that since the previous bad weather Daniel and according to the mayor of Larissa from the records of the ranks of the DAEFK, 2,000-2,500 residents in the Municipality of Larisa have been damaged. At the same time, more than 200 people are being accommodated in hotels, while approximately 2,000 portions of meals are distributed daily to those affected.

Also, as announced by the Municipality of Larissa, there will be benefits to those affected, the cost of which will exceed 6 million euros. These will include opening a bank account to help flood victims, zero DEVAL tariffs for two years, exemption from municipal reimbursable fees for households and businesses for 2 years, suspension of rent collection for two years from municipal shops and municipal agricultural lands, as well as utilization of “Land Bank” of the Municipality of Larissa to support flood victims.