He hits Volos with ferocity the storm surge Elias, just 20 days after the passage of the killer storm Daniel. A huge volume of water is currently falling on the urban complex of Volos, while since the morning and intermittently the storms are strong.

The Krausidonas stream it is dangerously inflated and at its limits, while the roads have turned into rushing rivers. With its message through 112, Civil Protection informs about the decision of the Police to prohibit traffic in Volos.

The Mayor Achilles Beos he is from this morning until this time at various points experiencing problems coordinating the crews.

In a video recorded by TheNewspaper.gr, he is seen chasing away a citizen who was driving his car in bad weather and urging him to return home.

Message 112 for a traffic ban in the wider area of ​​Volos was sent to residents – Schools in the area are closed on Thursday and Friday.